Secret Island Party 2015
18th October 2015
2:00 pm
Hong Kong
Secret Island Party
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★ Imagine an island… Far away from the bustling streets and noise… ★

≈≈≈≈We will pirate our SIPPERS by moonlight across the high seas to a secret island filled with enchantment and wonder. ≈≈≈≈

★ Secret Island Party is a whole weekend of art, music and performance on one balmy Hong Kong Island where you’ll find creativity flowing over and into the shores around you..


●Regular Single Day Tickets for October 16th ($250), 17th ($550) & 18th ($380)

●Tent Rentals ($200)

●Full Weekend Tickets – Regular price ($850)
Full Weekend On the Door – ($980)


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★ EXPECT an incredible Line-up of the best DJ’s ★ Camping ★ Interactive Art ★ Live performances★ Theatre ★ Fire ★Dance ★Aerial Arts ★ Live Musicians ★ and enough entertainment to keep you up all night. ♬♫♪♩♬♪

★ Last Secret Island Party 2014:

★ Upon mooring on our deserted beach, our guests will be spirited through softly-lit rice paddies until they reach the heart of our hidden, magical world. ★

★ With popularity growing it seems the secret really is out, but do you know what the real secret is? Nestled in amongst the foothills of tropical jungle, this natural enclosure, with its own isolated beach area, OUR very own Secret paradise, surely this Secret is one to be shared? ★

☺ Be Creative ☺ Be Playful ☺ Be Adventurous ☺ Be Happy

“Judging on previous events S.I.P 2015 is going to be EPIC, so we we wouldn’t recommend holding out on this one.” – Coconuts HK

“Secret Island Party is only a boat-ride away, but for one special weekend in the concrete jungle, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise.” – Boom Magazine

“But what really sets Secret Island Party apart is its joyously whimsical atmosphere, a fantasia of inspired, eclectic decor and offbeat art exhibits complemented by a crowd with a taste for outré dressing.” – South China Morning Post